I’m pretty excited by this development.  If you’ve been to a bike bike event, you may easily have seen the Charlie Brechtel
Band in action.  This is great rock/blues by a biker for the biker.  Lots of songs about the lifestyle, the clubs, the life.  This dude is a lightning rod of connection in biker culture.  Etcetera.  A biker of note, to be sure.

And now you can find your favorite biker comic strip at Charlie’s site.  Which is very cool for me.  If you go to Bikers Inner Circle, you’ll see a menu on the left, in which you’ll find a link for Builders Artists and Writers, which is where you’ll find a link for Rob Campbell, Cartoonist, taking you to a page.

I hope you’ll go check them out if you haven’t already.  Tons of rockin’ biker media to be found. And Jones right in the middle of the bunch.

Cool.  Thanks, Charlie.