I’m greatly looking forward to the inconvenience it will be to keep up on the third season of Sons of Anarchy.

I held of as long as I possibly could before watching the show. I heard people talking about it, saw ads online, and caught wind of it in other ways, but had sort of set myself against it for a few reasons that escape me now.

One night I was working out on our elliptical trainer and thought I’d see what was on.  Anytime I see motorcycles while channel surfing, I stop immediately and pay attention.  I managed to catch something like the second or third to last episode of Season Two, and was immediately hooked in a way TV rarely gets me.  We had to rent Season One to get caught up, then bought Season Two on iTunes to backfill completely.

I say “we” here because my wife, a known non-appreciator of motorcycles and pretty square by comparison (to me), also got hooked.

I actually have an upcoming storyline in Keeping Up With Jones relating to the show.  That strip will show itself this Wednesday.  I think I have five or six strips on the storyline, but may easily come up with more as the season progresses. I’ll maintain the same weekly release schedule I’ve been doing since Jones started, but will go to twice weekly after Season Three.

Stick around and enjoy!