It would appear that my readership is increasing.  Which is pretty satisfying and makes me grateful I’ve got some return folks. 

This week I tried an experiment by not self-promoting through the usual places I post links to the latest.  Part of this was due to time constraints and pure fatigue, but I thought it would be fun to see what kind of traffic I gut au natural.  Wednesday I got 5o visits, several of which were repeats during the day.  About half were new readers, and a number of folks did  an exhaustive read.

While those numbers are less than I like to achieve on a release day, they indicate to me the true readership of the strip.

Sometime in August this year I started using a little gadget on my site from ComicRank, which helps keep track of actual return readers.  At this point, Keeping Up With Jones has about 40 readers, and grows each week.  I’ve just added the code to track my RSS readers as well, which will add to my regular reader count.

The result of this data, the growth of my readers, encourages me as I plan for two strips a week before the end of the year.  One of my operating principles in the strip is providing something my readers enjoy, to give them a laugh.  Adding another strip a week helps me do that better.  There’s an exchange that goes on here, where we trade energy through the laughs and the strips.

For the record, all ComicRank does is track readers.  It does not pass on the info to any other business or use the data for any purpose besides tracking comic readers.  For more on this, see ComicRank’s privacy page.