I’ve noticed a trend lately.  In the last several weeks my “new readers” stat in Google Analytics has been dropping down to 50-60%.  And traffic overall hasn’t changed much.  This means, of course, that more of you are coming back for more.  Gotcha hooked, as it were, on a Jones.

My plan is to bump it up to two entries a week by Christmas.  This seems especially important now that I have what ComicRank tells me is something like 69 readers.  Small fry to some, but a big deal to me as this stat has been growing every week lately.

There is some evidence in my Analytics to suggest that some of ’em come back a few times a week.  And what do they find? The same dang strip that’s been up all week.  I’d be interested to hear what they mumble under their breath when this happens week after week.

I’m not too worried about anyone talking smack at the far end of the net where somebody is reading my strip, but I do care about getting more readers.  Part of that is business, but my ego wants my fame to be far reaching and grandiose in scale.  And that just ain’t gonna happen on one strip a week.

At the risk of sounding like an excuse, I’ll tell you that I’ve been working harder than I ever have in my career as a teacher this semester.  I’m tired when I get home. And still working that Saturday School gig, which is just like The Breakfast Club except there’s no talking, sleeping, running the halls, dope smoking, or applying lipstick with your…well see the movie if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  The hope is to spread the good news of Cartoon Thunder to more readers, more bike magazines, more folks who need their Jones for Jones fulfilled.  If it goes well, I can quit the Saturday gig after nearly six years.

How can you help? If you frequent Facebook, MySpace, or any online forums, post a link to the strip there once in a while to get the message out. I figure if I can get up to two strips a week under my current workload, I can maybe do three with a normal weekend…