Who knew I’d count a whole year of Jonesing as a success?

Some time in October of 2009 I launched the first Jones comic strip.  It was actually launched early, impulsively, and not quite with enough backup comics, but it got me going.

The idea first came while doing some character design for another project (that I never got going on).  The design sort of happened, and I looked at it thinking, “There’s a design I could work with for a while.”  I tried to think of a name, and pretty quickly came up with Jones by no brilliant thinking at all.  Pure luck.  As soon as it came to me I realized how much fun a character named Jones could be in the bike world.

And still, his true character didn’t really shine through until a few months ago when I finally let him get drunk and disgusting on a road trip.  Prior to that I was stuck in some sort of political correctness, possibly a result of nearly twenty years in various parts of the education field and all the annual trainings and reminders not to act like a moron.

Oddly enough, as I was putting my son to bed tonight, he showed me a work he has on the back of his door, one of my first strips, done on 12×24 paper.  I’d forgotten he had it, and he had embellished it with crayon, brining new life to it.  He was pretty happy with his choice of colors and hard edges on color field, staying inside the lines in a way that I personally depend on Photoshop for.  The kid is brilliant.

We’ll see where the strip goes in the next year.  I have plans of various kinds, including sponsorship, member benefits (free, by the way), and more content than just the strip.

Wish me luck.  And tell a friend.