I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to mumble in my blog.  But I have a few things of interest.

First off, ComicRank tells me I have (as of this morning) 108 “readers”.  Many of these readers are getting the RSS feed.  Personally I don’t really get the feed thing, but I’ve read that lots of people use a feed reader to get various kinds of material.  I’d be happy to be schooled on this by a few of you “readers”.  The growth of my readers has been steady and gradual, but for some reason has had a big bump this week, which tells me that maybe a few of you are sharing your Jones with your friends.  Thanks!!

Lemme see…what was the next thing?

Oh yeah–release schedule.

I’ve been sort of using the end of Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy as a *random* starting point for bumping the strip up to two per week.  Until then I’m shooting for drawing three a week so I can build up a cushion to work from. My thinking is that the cushion will give me the room I need to think and develop new characters (Jones’ ol’ lady?) and stories.  Week by week isn’t much for a multi-strip story, but multiple strips each week allow people to remember what happened.  Or maybe it’s just me–I have a hard time justifying a five strip story if it takes over a month to read ’em.  Seriously, even I get bored waiting for ’em that way.

So if you’re one of my repeat offenders who keeps coming back here, thanks. It shows that my goal of providing something worthwhile and entertaining is working.  Love to hear from y’all oncet in a while.