The Keeping Up With Jones strip started out as a confident experiment. I felt pretty good about the idea, but really had no experience with doing comic strips.  I’m still figuring it out and will be for years to come.

In the year I’ve been doing the strip I’ve learned a thing or two about my characters, and about working a gag in a strip format.  It’s been a lot of flying by the seat of my pants, outrunning time between other commitments and the strip.  I think it’s mostly gone well, and I like what I’ve started.

But it can be better.

I have plans for two strips a week, which was originally to start in December.  I’m pushing that to January so I can take real advantage of a few months of down time to work on longer storylines, tying the characters together, and developing the location(s) for the strip, essentially give more life to the whole thing.

I think the town will be based on Hollister, where I live, so I won’t have to fabricate much off the top of my head.  I may also use downtown Gilroy, but I’m not too sure at this point.  The Gilroy thing may get me in trouble with my boss, considering some of the Hollister-Gilroy rivalries, although I’m pleased to report that we beat Gilroy last night in the Prune Bowl.  I’ll use a different name (got any ideas?), but will essentially need reference for the coffee joint, the bar, the taqueria, and the motorcycle shop.

So the new launch will happen in January, going to two strips a week, probably Mondays and Thursdays. In the mean time I’ll keep you in toon with the developments, the drawings, and continue to feed you a few re-runs as well as some fresh strips.

Thanks for reading.  I sure have fun doing this strip!