Really it should be done in a cartoon, but…

All is well!  I hope to take the ol’ shovelhead out for a spin this afternoon, provided I can get the clutch adjusted properly.  There is a possibility that some wear on the clutch pushrod may be calling for a replacement, but we’ll see.  I also have some leakage from the base of the rear cylinder, but I’m thinking that can wait.

In other news:

As I prepare for a re-launch of the Jones strip, I’ve been busy mainly writing notes and ideas.  One source book I use is Making Webcomics, written by Brad Guigar, Dave Kellet, Kris Straub, and Scott Kurtz, all of whom are successful independent web comics.  The section on writing sets up a few general frames for developing humor. 

As I work on my storyline, I have to both move the story forward and create gags at the same time.  I guess it’s a bit like a sitcom.  I’ve been using the frames to get some of the writing focused, and have been pleased to find it works pretty well.  It’s also allowed me to figure out a few frames of my own specific to my strip, creating what feels more authentic for me. 

I don’t think I’ll be spelling those out for you, but it surely is speeding up the writing process.  I hope to have strips for January through March (some 24 strips) written by December, then spend December putting pencil to paper and developing a month at a time.  I think that having the story worked out ahead of time will help make the art more focused, and improve the quality and consistency.

I’m nearly certain that I’ll be doing strictly inked art with no color, unless the strip will be published in a color magazine or used for a print on demand product in my Zazzle store.

Thanks for Keeping Up With Jones!