As we approach one of the most important holidays of the year, I’d like to share a little animation I put together a few years ago.

If you think about it, Groundhog day means more to bikers than they know.  Why there isn’t a GroundHog MC out there is beyond me.  If you think I jest (and I do), consider the significance of GroundHog day to anyone who enjoys the freedom of the road as much as we do.  The power of the Groundhog in determining how soon riding season will actually start.

Not a big deal to me, really, as I live in a location where year round riding varies in temperature and weather hardly at all.  But if you live someplace where Winter means business, where snow forces you to have a strategy for how you spend your morning hours, which affects how and what you drive.  It truly is a wonder that the Groundhog isn’t an actual deity with a full blown religion around him (dare I capitalize the pronoun?).  He who has the power to change the length of the riding season by six weeks could easily have a golden idol in his honor.  Consider the possibilities…

Or just watch a cartoon tangentially related to it: