I nearly forgot about this show until earlier in the week when I was talking to my friend Brett Barker, who suggested I make it. Brett was at one time a big part of organizing the show and thought it would be good to share my work around on a friendly basis.

I really wish I had thought to bring a camera. Besides being a cartoonist, it turns out I have this blog thing going on.

Before I got far past the entrance to the Convention Center, I coulda swore I saw Bobby Elvis from Sons of Anarchy. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him, but it’s hard to say. The first face I recognized inside was Dave Perewitz, soon followed by Arlen Ness. Other bikeland movers and shakers included Cyril Huze, Kirk Taylor, Cole Foster, and Satya Krause, to name a very few.

The bikes on display covered a wide spectrum of machine expression, from standard (but seriously custom) baggers and choppers on up to radical customs of all kinds. For sure a show I’d like to attend next year; I’ll arrive earlier, draw more, and take some photos.