Hi all, Bobcat here, I bet you are wondering who in the heck is the Bobcat? Is it a furry feline chasing rabbits and squirrels? No…, this is the California Biker and his friends call him Bobcat because of his name…., Bob+Cat=Bobcat. Ha-ha!

This is the first and inaugural blog from the Bobcat with the general topic being Motorcycles and riding.
My first post is on winter/wet weather riding and gear. I live on the central Calif coast and generally ride 12 months a year. My favorite ride is my group ride/Burrito run on New Years Day to Watsonville Calif. I rode in pouring rain this year and thanks to my Firstgear riding suite I was snug as a bug in a warm rug!

It is usually cold and the temperature can run from a cool 20 deg F to a warmer 60 deg F. You will never know what you get for weather here in Calif. This year’s ride was cool and very wet. We had at times torrential rain which makes riding a little complicated.

Two of us hard core bikers showed up in Gilroy. I was wearing my new Firstgear (TPG) two piece rain suit. I also had on my full-face helmet and hi-top logger boots.

It was raining heavy on the way to Morgan Hill and it continued to rain at times getting torrential on the 40 minute ride to Watsonville. I am pleased to report that my rain suit did not allow any water or moisture through to my clothes or body. My helmet kept my head dry, my boots and gloves (treated with Boot oil) kept my feet and hands warm and dry.

Firstgear Cold weather riding jacket (TP6 Rainier)

Firstgear (HT II Pants)

Both Jacket and pants were purchased on-sale from Cycle Gear in Gilroy Calif. I walked out the door spending less than $350 USD. Both garments heave removable cold weather liners that can be easily removed for warmer weather use. The jacket and the pants have matching zippers to connect together for added safety.

I am very pleased with this riding suit and rate it as follows (scale of 1-5)
Over all I give this product a Bobcat seal of approval. Next blog we will talk about wet weather riding tips. (Go to Part II)