Cyril Huze scored what looks like a pretty good interview with Satya Kraus at the Custom Chrome show last month in Santa Clara.

If you’re not familiar with Satya’s work, you really owe it to yourself to check out his site. He seems like he’s on the cutting edge of the next generation of bike builders, pushing both style and performance to new places. I’m thrilled that guys like this exist to carry the vision of bike building a step further. I’m kind of old school myself, so I go with a lot of the same stuff that was cool for years–your basic road machine with big tanks and a cozy seat.

Satya’s work leans a completely different direction. The combination of design and function wrapped into his machines suggest something of awareness not held back by much tradition, focused on a bike that invites the rider to find the edge.

Another place to look for this is at TPJ Customs, where there appears to be more cuttinge edge design that stretches what guys like me think of as a proper v-twin into a bike that will do whatever you tell it to.