Perhaps that isn’t the right title;  Growth and development in the Jones strip.  Yes, that’s it.  Jones himself doesn’t quite reach for growth and change, really.

I’ve reached a place with story writing that it seems going to three strips a week is the only way to move story along at a reasonable pace.  Otherwise it moves about as fast as cold gearbox oil.  And the truth is, three strips a week may not be much more work than two.

The trick, I”m finding, is in the writing.  Can you give me a “duh”?  I keep thinking that enough index cards with simple story and gag ideas will lead to the next good idea, but it really doesn’t.  I actually have to sit down, get away from the computer, and write about where things seem to be going, what kinds of story objectives I’m working on, locations, characters, etc.  Then things seem to pop out that work well in the strip.

And, if the writing is rolling, moving at two strips a week will seem like slogging through slush when I could be flying over the asphalt.

In other developments, I took some time today to go through some business cards I collected at the Custom Chrome show last month in Santa Clara. I got my new postcards in the mail yesterday and will be mailing out to connect with the people I met, letting them know I’d like to profile them and their business in the blog here.  I wish I had been thinking about that when I met them as it would have opened up the conversation a lot more than I think I let it at the time.  Going next year I can get into that a bit more and will likely make better connections with the people I meet.