I subscribe by email to a very few things, including a couple of comics and some marketing gurus.  One of these is a guy pretty well known around the ‘net as a pretty successful marketing sharpies by the name of Seth Godin.

I dig Seth because he has good ideas on marketing, but also because he sees things clearly, without dollars signs attached.  He looks often at the value to our lives of success, of doing good business, of treating others (in business and personally), with integrity, value, and sincerity.  Success to him, often seems to be connected to the golden rule of treating others as we would have them treat us.

I absolutely have to talk up Seth’s value as a human being because I’m also copping a backlink here.

In today’s blog entry, Seth opens with the line, “Used to be that the only Jones you needed to worry about was the one who lived next door.”  He goes on to point out that the internet allows us to get serious case of (fill in the blank) envy. We can window shop anything and everything on the planet in ways you had to have a stack of catalogs and magazines to do twenty years (or less) ago.

This means bikers can dig the latest hype on Sturgis at Cyril Huze Blog (blam! copped another backlink!) and never get out of their chair, whether we’re surfing from our couch, office, or shop computer. Of at the local caffeinery with our smart phone. 

Our own dear bike starts getting a complex because we’re scoping on so many other fantastically cool rides.  We miss the moment of today because we’re sucked into the vacuous infinitely time defying black hole of the internet, where time and matter cease to exist; where Einstein himself would find an interesting study in the connection between his theory of relativity and the overlap in the Venn diagrams of the real and the virtual worlds.

Yeah.  Get out there and ride.  Or wrech.  Get back to some old school social networking.