Yeah, I know, this is usually the start to a foul mouth kid joke.  You know the ones.

This ain’t that.

Candorville is a strip by Darrin Bell about this dude named Lemont and his day to day struggles and triumphs.  Today’s strip just nails cute and tragic in a way comic strips don’t often do successfully.  Just go check it out:

I don’t follow a lot of comics. Partly because I just don’t have time, and partly because I don’t dig too many.  Comics I follow include Motobasturds, Jane’s World, Doonesbury, and Candorville.  Anything by Thunder Baggett is terrific, too, but harder to find if you don’t subscribe to Cycle Source. Some of these may make me look like a bit of a lefty, and that’s fine, though I seem to be sliding rightward this year for a variety of reasons.

What I love about Candorville and these other strips I mention is the aspect of a long running story.  Not always a big guffaw, but you get to where you like and care about the characters in a way that goes beyond the drudgery of day to day gags.