I was rubbing digital elbows this week with a guy by the name of Douglas Ladd who, outside of Matt Marino and Thunder Baggett, is likely my nearest cartoon cousin.  Matt and Don are more like cartoon brothers, I guess, so putting Doug as cousin probably works since his content doesn’t include motorcycles.

But it does have NASCAR racing.

The Pits is a comic tied directly into the NASCAR crowd and features characters who are racers, announcers, reporters and sponsors.  The gags are good and the are is clean.  Full color, it has the feel of a modern tv cartoon.  You’ll love the characters and crack up at the jokes.  He may be more true to life than my strip in that he actually uses some of the words that show up out there on the track when the big cameras aren’t rolling.  Probably he’s not a school teacher.  But it’s not for shock value and it’s done tastefully–not that I”m the arbiter of what language to use or not use when I’m off the clock.

I hope sometime soon to do some cross-promoting or get an interview with Doug.  Strikes me as a pretty right-on guy.

And he can draw.