Cartoonist Rob Campbell rides again!

Really, I can scarcely believe it myself.  After five years of pretty much zero riding, my dear ol’ shovelhead is, once again, roadworthy.  For the most part.  I thought it would be worth posting so you could see the bike that is my most frequent reference model for drawing bikes, and specifically for drawing Jones’ bike.

In terms of proportions, it really doesn’t help that I’m such a tall drink of (name your poison).  With a dumb look on my face like that, I could only be a cartoonist.  Dig the sweatshirt?  It features the Jones logo on the pocket and full size on the back.

Yeah, who cares about the damn sweatshirt. What about the bike?

Mostly it’s a 79 Shovelhead.  Late 79, which means it’s the 80″ model with the gated shift (er, non ratchet top).  I ran a 75 narrow glide on it for years, but about five years ago I got a great deal on what I think is a 2000 wide glide, probably off a bagger since it was made for a 16″ wheel and had black paint in the lower triple tree.  The bars came from California Phil in Concordia, KS.  Come to think of it, so did at least the back fender, and maybe the front.  The seat is a Corbin flamed fastback.

My next wrenching project is to lower the front fork a couple inches so the geometry on the front end and frame is more appropriate.  It will also sit more correctly when parked on the kickstand as well.