I have been following this at the much read Cyril Huze blog. More good biker events are being ruined by money-grabbing business trying to own any text or terminology related to the event. Cyril covers the ongoing saga of this mess pretty well, attempting to get a balanced viewpoint from both sides:

What would Jones do?  I know Jones better than almost anyone except maybe Alan Layton, and I’m pretty sure he’d steer clear of the whole mess.  Riding is about riding. If you’re a social-type biker, riding and celebrating with your friends is lots of fun. Events like Sturgis started out now as a way for a bunch of folks to make money, but to enjoy what we love most–the ride.  That’s why Mike Corbin put together his even this July 2; strictly for the ride.  Sure, there were some vendors on hand, including an un-named cartoonist, but the thing wasn’t about making money, it was about the bikes.

Oh, while we’re talking about making money, check out this shirt available at Zazzle. Somebody was bound to do it.