You may be noticing a little flag near the lower left of your screen that reads “Rewards”.  It’s red and vaguely resembles the flag on French’s mustard.

I’ve been experimenting with a few different reward and gamification solutions, looking for ways to increase reader engagement and give you something back for such frequent attendance.  You get points just for showing up, as well as points for “liking” the thing under your Facebook account.

The rewards are simple, and include a free .pdf download of Jones comics, a free custom avatar (toonerized by yours truly toonly), a signed postcard sent in the mail, and a signed print.  I’m not really sure, but I think your points get reset when you spend them, so use them wisely!

I’ll also be creating some other membership rewards and a way to give you more discounts by being a member here.  Still working on it all, but I have a few folks who’ve offered discounts to members here at Cartoon Thunder, and I expect to gain more as it picks up steam.

I should mention that it works with your Facebook login, which to me is the only drawback of the system.  I’ve looked high and low for a setup I can use that doesn’t run on Facebook identity and the ones I’ve found are pretty buggy.  So if you’re anti-Facebook (uh, big brother), do not change. If I see you here all the time and you feel a reward is due, I’ll make it happen.