My usual practice when writing about our troops is to write about our troops. So why have I decided to write about a journalist?

David Wood is a 63-year old journalist who has been covering combat for quite some time–since the late 1970’s, when he began to work as a correspondent for a number of high profile publications.

This guy, I think, understands our troops, what they’re up against, what they go through.  His significant portfolio of writings following and embedded with troops in action in Panama, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  He’s a troop supporter, and his work on the need for heavily armored vehicles in Iraq created a Congressional drive to fill that need.

He was embedded with 1200 Marines in Somalia in 1993, and wrote about the experience in a book called A Sense of Values.

In short, he’s been through a bit of combat without the benefit of shooting back.  Wood is also a born Quaker and a former conscientious objector.

Enough of my summary of his bio, what you really need to do is go check out his work, read some of his writings.  Then you’ll see why I’ve included him here.

Recent work by David Wood.