Somewhere in the process of wasting time today between comic panels, I came across this guy’s stuff.  He has, currently nine videos on YouTube.  It captured my attention and my imagination like nothing else.  There was a time years ago when I fancied this guy’s lifestyle, and part of me still does.

I’ll let you find his YouTube channel on your own, but I will say that this guy loves live and lives it well.  He’s been on his bike living for 18 years wherever he feels led to go.  His videos are about his life on the road, his loves, his travels, and his ways.  I think some of the things that daunted me when this way would have been a possibility for me had to do with loneliness, privacy, and being able to survive.  Scotty has figured the whole thing out, and includes some of those ways in his videos.

My path has led me to where I am now, and Scotty’s way can’t be mine, but it sure is a kick to see how he lives and survives. It tells me that the biker way is still alive for guys like this, that you can still be a pretty successful scooter tramp even in the 21st century.  I’m not about to sell everything and ditch my family to hit the road, but I’m inspired at the way this guy lives.