This dude is not only brave, awesome, and heroic, he’s funny.  Funny, I think, overcomes everything.

A few weeks ago I covered Tempered Steel here on Support the Soldiers Thursday (if you got a better name for it, I’m listening).  What actually led me to Tempered Steel was Bobby Henline, who I found while researching David Wood, last week’s article.  He served in Desert Storm back in 90-91, and re-enlisted after 9-11. Bobby was traveling in a vehicle that was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq, and suffered burns over thirty-eight percent of his body.  Now he has the nerve to make jokes about visiting fireworks stands on the fourth of July just to rattle their cages.

I’ll let YouTube do the talking:

In the next video featuring Bobby, there’s less comedy, and a bit of faith showing through. Some dudes get pissed off at God when things don’t go right. Others cling to Him.