I was surfing around a few various biker links and came across a site containing a pretty comprehensive list of books, movies, music, and more at a site called Motorcycle Fiction.

What you’ll find at Motorcycle Fiction are descriptions, links, and images related to well over 100 books, over 40 movies, and 18 albums relating in some way to the biker lifestyle.  There’s even a strong chance you’ll find something of value that you’ve never heard of.

If you’ve been around bikes a long time, you may at times think that you’ve found all the biker material that exists and on some level get a bit of an “I knew that” attitude.  I get that sometimes, but I get snapped out of it a few times a year by coming across new and unseen (by me) stuff about bikes.

I remember in the late 80’s being exposed to some VHS stuff put out by Easyriders Magazine.  There were two dudes who were or had been members of the Galloping Gooses MC riding side by side on a couple of early sidecar rigs on which the sidecar wheel leaned with the turns, as well as a ride up some canyon around Los Angeles with a biker on a badass custom chopper.  VHS seemed pretty new at the time, and I found this stuff to be pretty cutting edge–an Easyrider video magazine.

Since then, of course, there has been an explosion in biker media of all kinds, to the point where it’s impossible to have the remotest grip on what’s actually available.  There are web sites upon websites, more forums than you can find, digital downloads, podcasts, YouTube channels.  If you stop to think about it, it’s really kind of dizzying. The demographic has shifted some as well, and expanded to include, ah, anyone, which includes the kinds of closeted geeks and techno wizards that are able to come up with some of that stuff.

So it’s likely that there’s media that connects with bikers that isn’t found at Motorcycle Fiction, but it seems to me they’ve done a pretty good job getting most of it.  With any luck, they may well feature The Book of Jones when it finally comes out.