I’m doing a lot of work to get story ahead of art this week. For a few weeks it’s been a strip at a time, both in writing and drawing. Saturday this weekend I managed to do a very rough outline of each week through some time in July, which is encouraging, and I also manged to get story punched into panels (pre-art stage) and dialogued into May 30 (next week).

It helps that I’m having a blast with some of the unexpected turns that have been popping up lately. When I say unexpected, I don’t just mean to you, my faithful reader, but to me, even.

I’m also getting more confident with the art. Today I was getting some prints made of a few strips (11×17 card stock, signed and sent for $20) and got a chance to look

Let’s talk about some of the music that went into this strip. As I write this and prep some panels for rough art (I do that in Illustrator) I’m listening to [amazon_link id=”B00197XJ56″ target=”_blank” ]Leon Live [/amazon_link]by Leon Russell. If you’re reading this comic and are part of my target audience, chances are good you’ve heard of Leon. He is incomparable to anyone in music, yet compatible with many. Dude has talent in lots of ways, both as a musician and a producer. He started playing young, and has worked with as Jerry Lee Lewis, George Harrison, Delaney Bramlett, Ringo Starr, Doris Day, Elton John, Eric Clapton,The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Badfinger, Tijuana Brass, Frank Sinatra, The Band, Bob Dylan, Glen Campbell, and The Rolling Stones, to name a few. Give him a listen–you’ll be glad you did.