I think we’d all love it if we could learn the lessons so our kids could take advantage of ’em.  In my particular case, in spite of the ol’ “do as I say, not as I do” conversation (which I thought was a cute joke), I hadda go out there and top off a few things just to prove I could still make it back.  I’ve been deliberating about Porkins’ role in some of this stuff and have made some firm decisions about his character that really guide how he is in the strip.  That’s all ya get.

Speaking of Porkins (who is named for a character in Star Wars, if you didn’t know), I took my oldest, age seven, to see The Phantom Menace in 3D today. I must say I enjoyed it much more this time than I did when it came out.  This was my boy’s first actual viewing of a Star Wars flick, though he has some education from playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii. He was constantly letting me know which characters were already in his grasp in the game, which he had acquired to play from. Something like that, I’m not a real video game player, really.

My favorite scene was the Pod Race scene.  The sound effects sounded like they had some NASCAR noise layered in, as some of the machines sounded like rumbly ol’ V8s.  There’s no other sound like it. Even though I’ve never been to a NASCAR event, the Bumpfest, a celebration of student automotive prowess, happens outside my classroom each year, just by chance.  I think they hold two a year, and sometimes I get to judge. Some of these kids have some righteous wheels.  Classic Camaro, Bronco, and my favorite, the El Camino.

It was especially gratifying to watch the Pod Race scene this time not only having seen my kid dominate the Pod Race on the Wii, but because of the fun I had with the Pod Race scene back in August in this very strip.