I’m back. Sort of.

I had last week off from work and had tons of ideas and plans for getting ahead of the comic, getting some school work done, doing some painting, and all that jazz. The most I really got done the whole time, artistically speaking, was the ol’ bike a day drawings. Which I’m pretty happy with. I’m not sure how many of my readers are actually on Instagram, but just in case I added a page for the Bike  a Day gallery.

I should add that my parts collection for the shovel is growing. I’ve gotten some miraculous deals on eBay, including a brand new chrome inner primary for less that a hundred bucks, handlebars for around $50 (also new), and a set of new chrome risers for less than twenty. Score. Still on the list are hand controls/switches/wiring, starter motor, solenoid, and starter relay. And some assorted hardware. And probably a new battery tray and larger battery. She comin’ together.

To move the bike along I’ll be selling some art soon, mostly prints of some work I’ve done as well as work I have yet to do.

I’m cutting back a little on the strip so I can stay ahead of my day job and some responsibilities I have there. So I’ll likely back down to Mondays and Wednesdays to keep the ball rolling until I can get ahead of it again.

Thanks for reading Jones. If you think of it, pass it along to someone who’d appreciate it.