As you can see, this one hasn’t made it to the inker yet.  Seems that when he should have been at the table working up the art, he had a fit of spontaneous wrenching.  Apparently he couldn’t think of a good reason not to go riding tomorrow, so he pulled the primary cover off the ol’ shovelhead and made a few adjustments to the new M6 primary chain tensioner that showed up thanks to a reader outside New Orleans.  I’m reasonably confident that I may even treat myself to a ride to the coast this weekend.  I won’t know how fast I’m going, but I doubt I’ll be setting any land speed records at this point.

No music on my mind tonight.  I will note that I’ve been accepted to the affiliate program for iTunes and will soon be including links to music at the Apple Store as part of my posts.  I had been an affiliate for Amazon, but they’ve cut that program off in states that want them to pay sales tax, like California. Where I live.

At any rate, I expect to have this thing inked pretty soon.  Maybe before I go for a ride, maybe after.  The original scan even shows the Custom Chrome 08 catalog I use to weigh down paper on my scanner.  This round of art is on layout paper, which is high quality tracing material.  I also use the catalog for reference on bike parts as needed.  And to figure out stuff like my new M6 that will put me on the road tomorrow.

Shiny side up!