Dig the burgers and fries in the strip.

I say if you’re going to clog your arteries with fat and grease (and I am not judging by any stretch), you should frequent the best burger joints your community has to offer.  Notice the wax-paper style french fry packets, the brown paper delivery bag, the logo-free soda cup.  I thought about having pizza in this strip, but burgers got my attention a bit more, artistically speaking.

I’m reminded of a few of my favorite burgers growing up. If you grew up in Santa Rosa, California, you’ll remember Heavenly Hamburger.  Not a huge burg, but indoor flame broiled in a way that makes the Burger King sell his castle, and the Hamburglar notch up his crimes a bit more to get at.  Great fries.  Single serving soda–remember those?  If you wanted a refill you paid for it.

The best burgers here in Hollister can be found at Johnny’s Bar and Grill, Running Rooster, and over in San Juan Bautista (EssJayBee) at JJ’s.  I’m probably missing something, but those stand out big time.

What burger places rack up the points in your appetite?  Fill me in in the comments!

No music on the player tonight while drawing, but I definitely had a few tunes in my head.

On the way home from work today I caught Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”, which seemed short because it lasted from the dentist’s office not quite to my house.  It seemed a short trip, really, less than a mile, made all the quicker by this great song.

“Night Moves always seems short to me, even though it measures out at five minutes and twenty five seconds.  I guess I was nine when it came out in ’76, and I actually thought it was about a guy who worked nights as a detective–“workin’ on mysteries without any clues”.  There’s a sense of nostalgia that I remember sensing listening to it even at nine or ten, a wistful sort of attachment to someone else’s memories.  At that age, and for years to come, I thought rock lyrics held the keys to understanding life, that if I could just understand the music, I could understand something deeper about my own existence.  The song, in its illusion of brevity, is  just long enough to tell the story, which I now understand to be about the raging hormones of youth, but short enough to leave me wanting more of this moment in time.  Beautifully crafted song, really.