Hey! Been on the slow boat for some time. Day job, family, life, etc. I’ll post a few strips that showed up in Thunder Press Magazine this year and hopefully post a strip now and again.

Been busier than I can say, I think, but I haven’t stopped drawing and painting motorcycles. For most of this year I’ve been drawing at least a bike a day and posting on my Instagram account. Somehow when summer came along, and my schedule is supposed to ease up, my art slowed down also. I think my creativity is directly linked to my stress level as I’m more likely to draw (and draw well) on a day when I’m absolutely maxed.

Speaking of custom motorcycles, I did manage to put my motorcycle back together, though I’m still working out some of the bugs, including the ones in my teeth. After 26 years of blue, I went with hotrod black and painted it myself. Not a perfect job, but not horrible either. I added some original shovelhead hard bags. After kick starting this thing since I was 22 years old, I put an electric starter on it.

Magic, I tell you. It still takes me a few seconds each time to remember how to use the damn thing, but that mental processing time is still way shorter than kick starting it. There was a small learning curve in the install, but it works great.

I also installed turn signals, but found the led and small incandescent bulbs don’t work with an old school flasher unit, so I recently ordered a digital unit that will create an 11 second delay before they shut off. More magic.