Any conversation with Jones is bound to get weird. This one started weird and got worse.  And still worser.

This just in.  I just found this at Cyril Huze blog, where the coolest  current in biker stuff  can often be found.  21 Helmets by 21 Artists.  Go check it at Cyril’s blog.

I’m off on some pretty weird musical stuff myself lately.  For years I listened to stuff I thought I should listen to, but I”m starting to listen to whatever I want to listen to.  Recently I uncorked some stuff from the 80’s that I haven’t heard since the 80’s.  We’re talking Devo, Psychedelic Furs, Killing Joke (industrial metal), Missing Persons, Berlin, and more.  Wows. Some Depeche Mode in there, too, though my wife has dug them unceasingly forever, so I haven’t been without them in the eleven great years we’ve been together.

I haven’t given up on da blues, though, fear not, but I’m getting my music groove in a lot of different forms these days. I’m using a borrowed USB record player to capture the little vinyl I have left to iTunes. This includes some bitchen double albums like Fleetwod Mac’s Tusk, which includes the title track with accompaniment by the USC Marching Band, The Who’s Tommy, and Willy & Family Live, which I’m pretty sure I ripped off from my dad a good many years ago.  Sorry about that (and other things on the list, too).

David Bowie Changes One and Hunky Dory, The Grateful Dead’s Terrapin Station, Rush 2112, Supertramp Breakfast in America (also courtesy of dad), and Devo’s New Traditionalists.  I also have a couple of Foreigner albums that I just can’t see myself caring about, including Foreigner 4, and Double Vision. Both of these were hit records in their day, but they’re like gum that I got tired of chewing on a long time ago.  I love classic rock radio (dig KUFX in San Jose), but when I hear Foreigner I quickly find something else.

Two gems in the collection include Glen Frey’s solo release No Fun Aloud and Joe Walsh’s Got Any Gum? Walsh’s album I won from radio KVRE in Santa Rosa before the ol’ 101.7 got bought by Fox around twenty years ago.  I might have won the Frey album too, but from KSRO.  Maybe.