It’s true, isn’t it? Everybody needs to unwind. Whatever your job is, you got stress. For me there are a few things that work, including hitting the gym and riding the hog.

There’s a motor cop who lives in my town who is often heading to work, presumably commuting on his police issue ride, up to San Jose or who knows where. I see him in the morning and often at night and consider the fact the he gets to ride on the job. Which amazes me. He likely gets used to it, and he probably gets his own set of stressors going on, but still…

Before I turn in for the night (I’m beat!!), you should be aware that I’ve made some good progress on the Keeping Up With Jones game. Which means that, while I’ figuring some stuff out, I have a lot to do. But there’s an early version for you to check out. The idea is that he has to get out of jail before he can put his bike up. He must collect cash, bike parts, wisdom, and health, stay alive, and work towards a bike build. Eventually I get him riding through the game, but right now I have some of the scoring set up, and a few things on one level. As always, your input is welcome.

And it only works on normal desktop or laptop machines at this point, not on mobile devices. But we’ll get there.