I’ve heard some discussion on the distinction between education and experience. There’s an old saying that education is expensive. It took me years to understand that this wasn’t necessarily the cost of a college education, but the cost of the experiences that led to the education. I didn’t learn that in some darn class, either; I learned it by (duh) making some mistakes, sometimes repeatedly, until I got learnt.  As one friend used to tell me, “The beatings will continue until the moral improves.” In other words, “ya gonna keep doin’ that until you learn not to.”  I think Jones knows something about that.

Or not.

But I digress.  In case you missed it, I did a post yesterday on a biker oriented site I found, something I thought you’d find useful and interesting. I like to keep my eyes peeled for stuff like this to share with you, but this particular site has put together a bunch of good resources in one place.