This strip first ran in the October 2014 issue of Thunder Press.

When I left off last week, I dropped the bomb that I had sold my shovelhead of 27 years (we parted amicably in spite of the broken frame) and picked up a new Victory Cross Country.

I’ve never been happier. That thing runs great, handles great, and is very comfortable. I should also mention that at 6’5″ I’ve never sat on a bike that had this much leg room. And my size 16 (Red Wing of Santa Rosa recently downgraded me to a 15) shoes have plenty of room on the big ol’ footboards. Not only do they have plenty of room, I have several ways to use the boards for comfort, a range of forward and back locations to put my aircraft carrier feet.

I’ve put more miles on it in the five months I’ve had it than the shovelhead got in five years.

Victory Cross Country

My new Victory Cross Country has been giving me the ride of my life.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suddenly anti-Harley. I still love and draw Harleys. And I’m not out to convince anyone of anything. But for this particular motorcycle fanatic, the Vic is right on.

I was actually worried that moving to Victory would have an ill result on my art, but the last few days I put in some minutes between stuff knocking out the Jones strip for the January 2016 issue of Thunder Press and did just fine, maybe some of my best work to date. Check out my Instagram post from Saturday November 14 for a sneak peak..