Come the most amazing things. Who knew? Yeah, yeah, only in a comic. Only in Jones.

I’ve gotten some great responses to the reader survey. Only a few readers want to go back to the old strip style comic. I’m not sure if they like the format better of if they believe it will be a return to three strips a week. Oddly, I find the page format easier to work with. Nearly all responses called for a bike in every strip, which makes sense to me. I’ll work on that, and when I fall short there, I’ll have a really great booze punchline.

I’ve been looking to put the shovelhead back on the road lately and am having pretty bad luck. I continue to get some weird intermittent noises from the drivetrain someplace. I’ve never had anything like this before and I’m stumped. I’m thinking it may be the support bearing in the inner primary, but it sounds bigger than that. I’m actually kind of worried about it.

The truth is, it reminds me a little, at least in my memory, of the noise the Tardis makes in Dr. Who. In reality it sounds nothing like that, but at some point it seemed parallel and replaced the original noise. In my head.

This is why I draw this comic–to use my imagination for good, not evil.