Been a while! I’ve been working hard as usual, but trying to make some room in my schedule for art. I have actually done some paintings since I last posted. And a lot more has changed. I’m still banging out a strip a month for Thunder Press, so I thought I’d slap those on the site and see if I can’t get re-interested in this thing again. And take action on it.

I’m not even sure I should tell you, but a few of my readers are aware. I think I’ll string this out, but I’ll say that the Jones Flagship Shovelhead had another major issue back in May. I thought it was maybe a tire, or a bearing, and then I thought it was my transmission, because every time I changed gears, sped up, or slowed down, the whole thing sorta wiggled. Scary.

This happened on the way to Gilroy from Hollister. Not far, really. I have a student at the high school who ocassionally runs there and back for kicks. And by run, I mean he straps on a set of shoes and does it old school, like the guys in Braveheart. But I digress. I was almost there when it happened, and rode it all the way home, and still had no idear what was up. Took a month to get to the end of school (what an eventful month) before a stranger checked it out and said, “well here’s your problem right here…”

Cliff hanger. More next week.