Most of my big breaks have come in the form of break-downs by the side of the road, including a major oil loss engine seize  a few flat tires, a detached (and fallen) exhaust pipe, a sucked intake o-ring, and a few other ride-stoppers.

There was a guy in a community I once lived in who seemed to enjoy a place as the local nut-job. He wasn’t a major tweaker (anymore?), but at some point in his personal history, he had, as novelist James Lee Burke often puts it, “crossed an imaginary line” that left normal thinking and existence behind. He created no problems, nor did he invite any. But he was comfortable in what seemed to be a self lobotomized existence, and seemed happy, even cared for.

It seemed like a nice career from where I sat at the time. Apparently our hero here thinks the same.

I’ve been largely quiet about it, but the Hollister Motorcycle Rally is back on for 2013. We haven’t really had a rally proper for something like six or seven years. Folks who’ve been working the entire time to bring it back include Mike Corbin, Christy Howe, the Hollister City Council, and countless others. Notable is that Mayor Velasquez has chosen to keep his restaurant, the Vault, closed that weekend to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. Most think that the event is good for the area.

The event is being coordinated by Mark Cresswell of Worldwide Dynamics. Cresswell has been a respected promoter for a number of years and has experience at Daytona, Laconia, and other events. Word I get is that he’s got the right motives and ideas to make this good for local business without costing the taxpayer the way it has in the past. Cresswell has been in dialog with not only the city council, but local law enforcement to create solutions around enforcement costs, including having the official rally only on Friday and Saturday, July 5 and 6, leaving the 4th and 7th available for folks to ride in anyway. Somehow, any police costs not related to an official rally are budgeted differently in terms of categorical spending.

I don’t expect the thing to be over-policed, or to feature a helicopter festival, my euphemism for the circling surveillance that has characterized the last several rallies here.

I’m working with Don “Thunder” Baggett of Myrtle Beach to develop an event map highlighting local businesses, something Thunder has been doing in his area for 20 years. While I thought about trying to do the art myself, it made more sense to work with Thunder for a ton of reasons.  I do the spot sales, he does the art.  I’ll keep you updated on this.

During the event this year I’ll be at my drawing table set up in the showroom at the Corbin factory in Hollister. They’ve been kind enough to provide some space there for me for the last several years. I hope you’ll stop by and say hi if you show up for the rally.