I think I was twenty years old and had a 73 Sportster.  I decided to ride across the Sacramento Valley in summer, but was too young and maybe stupid to know that you really need some eye protection at night too, and that sunglasses work fine, really.  So I was riding at night, headed for Lake Tahoe, and had no eye protection.  No helmet or common sense to speak of, either.  Boy did my eyes get dried up and uncomfortable.

These days I’m sporting a full helmet and have no shame in saying it has significantly improved my riding pleasure.  My sons both have a hard time figuring out why this guy I keep drawing doesn’t wear a helmet.  In fact, I’ve heard them refer to him as “the guy without a helmet”.  Kind of hilarious when you consider the kind of no helmet stuff I was pulling off about twenty five years ago.  Sheer genius, I tell you.

I’ve enjoyed derailing story for a week and working on the art, putting in a few less hours on the strip, taking a break.  Next week we’re back on track, somehow.  The process got me to loosen up a bit and get back to what I love about this strip: drawing bikes.  Yeah, Jones is okay, too, but the bikes are what really spin my flywheel here.

I don’t want to exhaust the possibilities of all the dumb stuff Jones did in his youth, so we’ll be getting back to present day Jones next week and maybe working up some Halloween fun.  I have a few ideas that are bringing a twinkle to my dried up eyes.  We’ll see where it goes.