I had intended to prepare a parade and a motorcycle giveaway to celebrate the re-launch of Keeping Up With Jones, but I had a few other things going on, so I had to table those plans for a yet to be determined date.

It seems strange to be posting a strip on a Monday after over a year of Wednesdays.  Actually the last few months have seen comics getting posted here on Tuesday nights.  This re-launch changes all that.  In this year, we start back before Jones met his friends Doc and Porkins in order to flesh out the characters, the geography, and the story. Square one, if you will.

The greater part of the first 8-10 strips deal exclusively with Jones himself as he journeys from some set of nameless disasters engineered by Jones.  Where he will wind up remains to be seen.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all met someone like Jones, or been someone like Jones.  Some of my readers may still have the Jones syndrome.  He’s not all bad, and does have more to his character. But this strip meets Jones where he is.