…Lest ye be judged.

I’m not precisely certain where in the Good Book it says that, but it surely seems like good advice.  Then there’s the pop culture version–when you point your finger at someone else, you’ve got three fingers pointing back at yourself.

I’m getting ready to create a campaign to raise money to publish the Book of Jones.  I’ll spend the next few months putting it together and launch it through Kickstarter once I’ve made enough people aware of it.  This will include a video, and supporters will get something back for their support.  At a high enough level, they’ll naturally get a signed copy of the book.  I hope to raise around $5000 to support the printing, which will put more copies in my hands to sell.

I’d also like to ask my readers for support.  Send an email, a blog comment, or post on the Cartoon Thunder Facebook Page, including a link to your favorite strip and a few words about your favorite strip, how long you’ve been reading Jones, what you love about it, etc.  Also note if I can use your name with it when I include it in my Kickstart promotional video.  I’m also open to video clips, which may give you a chance to plug your business if I include your clip.