This comic was actually penciled last weekend, but inked on Tuesday night after finishing a freelance job for a local client.

The music that carried me through it is by a guy whose music I’ve been listening to all my life. David Zink is an accoustic-based singer-songwriter with something like five discs to his portfolio.  Tonight I’m listening to his Pyro release, which is probably my favorite.  A more recent release of his has a track called “Wings of Love”, about a guy who picks up a bike and travels.  You’ll find this on his [amazon_link id=”B003JMP7V8″ target=”_blank” ]Pop Zinkle[/amazon_link] release.

Zink’s work is poetic and contemplative, thought provoking and sometimes challenging.  The range of his voice is terrific, from deep baritones to high and thin, as needed, and often across just a few bars.

It’s only fair to point out some bias on my part.  David is my uncle, and I’ve gotten first listen to a lot of his music over the course of my life.  He’s changed and grown, naturally, and worked hard on his craft as a musician and a songwriter, broadened his material over the years.  If you’re lucky enough to catch him live on one of his West-Coast or European house concert tours, you’ll love the energy he carries.