I was a little edgy about this one.  Sometimes going to the uncertainty of how something will be perceived brings good results.  Or something…

This is part of the series where Jones is stranded in the desert, has been out there long enough to start seeing things. Or is this real?  Here, too, Jones is crystal clear on who he believes himself to be-outside any possibility of grace or mercy due to the depravity of his character.  Kind of a grandiose and egotistical thought, really, considering in he’s pretty small potatoes, all things considered.  At the time I did this strip, I had no idea he’d turn out to be an ex-holdup guy.

Still, even with his felonious little rap sheet, his list is composed of doing the next dumb thing rather than the pursuit of evil.  Yeah, and in a later dream he does meet evil, or rather Evel.  But our boy Jones don’t know how to spell.

I think this was the first time the mystery mouse showed up.  His role is simply to state sub-gags I couldn’t fit in otherwise.  I hadda get the birkenstocks remark in there.