This from the April 2015 issue of Thunder Press Magazine.

I think when I drew this I had no idea I’d be owning a bagger. I don’t however, have a trunk, though I sometimes wish I did. I’m told by the guy who sold me my bike that the Cross Country Tour is tuned differently than the Cross Country ABS, which is what I have. The ABS model is apparently a bit faster. It’s really hard for me to say considering I went from the stoneage to Buck Rogers overnight in going from my beloved shovel to the Cross Country. I got interviewed by Michael Dapper for the Victory Motorcycle website (the official) and said that.

There are things you can do to make it faster, but I have no idea what business I have making this thing go faster. I haven’t come close to making it got its fastest and don’t really expect to. Pretty sure it’ll go over 125. I haven’t broken 100 yet.

As I mentioned last week, I’m running a triathlon event on April 10. I had to figure out how to combine the ride to the event with getting my bicycle up there. I considered a trailer, and started having delusions of building a teardrop camper to pull behind with a bicycle rack on it. Even after I found 2×2 Cycles, I hung onto that delusion a bit longer.

2×2 Cycles is operated in North Carolina and makes bicycle racks and golf bag carriers for a whole line of motorcycles. Garrett, the owner, has a dual sport bike that he built the first bicycle rack for and later made more for other customers. I’ve looked high and low and can’t find anyone else making these. I’ve found a few folks who have made their own, but I’m not a fabricator nor do I have the time to figure that out. Garrett has figured out a well balanced and secure system, and he’ll work with you to make it fit your bike.