And in this case, it’s probably a short read.

Most of the work on this strip was done to the sound of the Blues With Bowker, streamed from the KRSH Wine Country Radio website.  The Krush is a station I’ve mentioned before, and features some of the coolest music around, and hails from my home county of Sonoma, California.  If you like the blues at all, mixed with a taste of classic rock and a bit of roots rock, you’ll want to get familiar with the Krush.  Even though I’m out of range of their transmitters, having moved to the home of the Wild One, I can still get my jones for the blues fulfilled via the internet.

The Blues with Bowker is, of course, hosted by blues aficionado and expert Bill Bowker, whose tenure as a blues jockey in the Santa Rosa area is long and rich.  He’s hosted blues shows on the air for as long as I can remember.  Keep in mind that my memories get a little dim once my youth is reached, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t at it back then.

I’d like to take a minute to call your attention to a new program I’m using here at Cartoon Thunder.  The good folks at PunchTab (yet another interestingly named tech startup in the silly-cone valley) have created a way for me to reward my readers for doing things like showing up, commenting, and using the Facebook “Like” buttons.  It’s my way of helping you help me (?).

I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to share the Good News of Cartoon Thunder.  As you do, you’ll be awarded points, which appear to be in increments of 100 at a time.  You can use your points to get Cartoon Thunder stuff and eventually goodies from my partners.

And, in case you missed it, I’ve been riding my Shovelhead, the Jones bike, after a significant period of not riding.  And yeah, it feels great to get a handful of throttle and a face full of wind.  You bet it does…