I’m pretty sure I misspelled the word disfunction in the art. I think it should be “dysfunction”, but too late!

Been a while since I was posting regularly. It’s been busy! I took some time (not off) to earn a Master’s Degree in Instructional Science and Technology at California State University at Monterey Bay. That was challenging and rewarding all at once, and I’m better for it. Officially that makes me an Instructional Designer. How is this different from being a teacher (I already were one!) you ask?

Instructional Designers work in all areas of business, from  the military and public service to education and corporate. The goal is to examine a system or a problem and determine if training will solve the issue. If it will, Instructional Designers determine the best combination of theory, instruction, and technology to meet the challenge.

While in grad school I did little to no art. I kept producing strips for Thunder Press, but didn’t do any drawing or painting. I’m hoping to get back into my brushes soon and create some new material in a completely different direction.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting new and recycled strips here. Ride safe and be well.