This little series was one of my favorites.  It was fun to explore the possibilities of a completely hopelessly stranded breakdown.

It was also about a month into the re-launch of the Keeping Up With Jones comic strip.  during 2009-2010 I was exploring the ideas and the characters, finding out what I wanted to do with the strip.  There was no continuous story of any kind, and the art direction was all over the place.  Late in 2010 I realized I wanted to do more with the strip, work a connecting series of stories, and have a consistent design.  That also meant bumping production up to twice per week–and later it went to three times per week.

It’s worth noting that in the re-launch so far, I hadn’t put Jones in combination with others yet outside of a few flashbacks.  I sorta needed to find out who Jones was on his own, without the influence of others.  Getting stuck in the desert offered that chance, as well as some fun play with the typical alone in the desert thing. I was thinking along the lines of a desert retreat, a visionquest, or a prophet in the wilderness.  Clearly ironical thinking there, considering Jones’ most spiritual moments are heaving up tequila in the bar parking lot. I can’t knock that, really, but if that’s one’s spiritual pinnacle, we’re in trouble.

This bit also taught me that I can pull Jones out of any situation and send him for a ride if he needs to clear his head, reflect, or actually think. I’ll be the first to admit that Jones’ thinking never leads to anything good outside of a few laughs, but think he must occasionally, to figure out what will be his next debacle.