Yeah, we’ve been here before, haven’t we?  Hard lessons are not soon forgotten.

Thursday I start weekly entries supporting our troops. I’m excited about this little regular piece as I am  fervent supporter of our men and women in arms.

Monday there is a quick start to Cyber Monday in my Zazzle store, ending at 10am PT.  I think that means 7am for you right coasters.  [EDIT: Reader Alan has pointed out that I got that totally backwards. Apparently I’m supposed to add three hours…]$5 off on shirts, $3 off on mugs, 50% off on cards.  At checkout be sure to used discount code ZCYBERMONDAY.   Items that have been selling so far include any of my Christmas cards as well as the Patriotic Biker mug, which was originally designed for the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

This just in: The CyberMonday sale noted above has been extended until tonight!