Remember Sargent Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes?  His general rule of thumb was something along the lines of “I know nothing-noooothing!”

Jones seems ready to tip his hand here, if he’s not careful. Probably just proud of himself for getting of harm’s (uh, Brenda’s) way this time.  Seems his memory of doing time for her might not be as sweet and romantic as one might expect it not to be.

This little bit with Jones potentially hooking up with Brenda really stirred up a few folks, with one prominent reader going as far as to say, “She’s bad news, Rob!”  I loved that one.

The funny thing is, I really want to write good characters, and I do mean characters who are good and sweet and kind and pure.  It wasn’t until July of 2010 that I let Jones’ morals slip a little and decided to let him be a full blown alcoholic freeloader when things got really interesting.  Seriously–how much fun is someone who is always on the up and up, never fails, and never gets it wrong?  I’m not too sure what the answer to that is, really. I know a few folks who I admire tremendously and who often seem to be on the right side of things, but in the privacy of our own minds, we can be pretty brutal on ourselves.

What about you?