I’m glad as anything to be working the strip again. I hope you’re as pleased as I am with the new story and art. A big thanks to all my readers new and old, who keep giving me a reason to put the work in on this labor of love.

The response has been pretty good for a strip that’s been dormant for eighteen months. In fact, I did little to nothing to get the word out again. A fair number of readers are still getting the strip by email, RSS, or feed on a site, as well as a decent number who show up here to get their Jones. When the strip was active before I spent time each release posting links and strips on a bunch of forums out there, trying to up my readership. That’s something I don’t have time for, and have been advised against by successful web comic artists.

I’ve also been active with drawing a bike a day. Checkout #bikeaday on Instagram. This has been a terrific endeavor as I’ve drawn a couple of bikes that got some love from a few major builders out there, and brought me some followers on Instagram that I’m pretty proud to have, including TPJ Customs of Lodi and Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Choppers