This was originally printed in the March 2015 issue of Thunder Press.

There was a time when I recall nobody on a Harley giving any credence to rap music, hip-hop, etc. Maybe it was the crowd I ran with. Hard to say. But now you have all kinds of folks on bikes cranking all kinds of music. Kid Rock, for example, or the Moonshine Bandits even more, are all mashups of rap and others stuff.

That Victory Cross Country continues to be a great bike. Reliable, fast, etc. I recently got a part from Bad Ace Billet, one of the coolest and lowest price pieces on rearCylCovermy bike. The rear master cylinder is a white plastic job. It works great, but looks not so great. Bad Ace makes a slip/snap on cover that makes it look a lot better, and it’s less than $20. You can find Bad Ace Billet on Facebook or reach out by phone at 256-739-4962. They’re in Vinemont, AL, but they ship anywhere.

I have another more costly goody in the mail this week that I’ll share once it’s on my bike. Hint: it relates to the HITS Series Triathlon I’m racing in April 10. Yup. I’m in training for a 700m swim, 12.4 mile bike ride, 3 mile run. There’s a hint for ya.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out the Moonshine Bandits, you really should check it out. ┬áHere you go!