It’s that speedometer calibration that gets me every time.

When I was a kid my dad had this cool VW bus, which he rebuilt at least twice one summer with the assistance of the “Idiot Book”, which had solid how-to coupled with some of the coolest inked art I’d seen yet.  That was the inspiration for the above book, but I’d love to really work the cover better sometime.

Pop did an amazing thing. We had some mechanical difficulties and had to rebuild the motor in a field behind Motel 6 in Pasco, Washington.  The Joads got nothing on my dad, I tell ya.  He grabbed a couple of old tires and a wood pallet, jacked up the van, slid the tires and part of the pallet under the engine, loosened the motor mounts, lowered the van, and we pushed it off. He rebuilt it in a couple of days, it seemed, and rolled on home.

This is what is meant by the term “adventure”.  Good times.